The Beginning


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My goal? Lose 67 pounds. I hope to do this in a healthy and constructive manner. I have lost 20-30 pounds before only to gain that ish back and then some.

Today, I am beginning my six month training program with my personal trainer. I have paid $1344 to have a cheerleader and coach. I will use this blog to keep track of my progress. Hopefully, I will look back and see how far I have come. 

I have never fully thrown myself into working out and being healthy. I was one of those really thin girls through out high school who could eat a whopper and never think anything of it. Fast forward 13-14 years and three kids later and I now found myself 80-90 pounds heavier than I was in high school.  

How did I gain weight? Poor life choices. I ate crappy food and never exercised. I’ll own it. I will admit that being lazy comes to me naturally. At first, it was 20 pounds from being on birth control, then 30 pounds when I quit smoking, a couple of pounds after each baby, and the rest has to be from almost 12 years of sitting behind a desk. 

I’ve always been curvy. I’ve told myself lies like “I have a big butt and big boobs so I can carry extra weight” or “I like being soft and curvy, it’s feminine.” I make jokes about my weight to cover my discomfort with gaining weight. I hate seeing people from my past because I know what they are thinking (because I am jerk and would think the same thing). 

ANYHOW, this is where I am at. No more excuses. No more yo-yo’s. I am blogging and jogging and going to get in shape starting today. I am already sore from today’s work out and I am sipping my sugar free smoothie with flax seed (Oh boy, what joy).